How may we be of help?

Handpicked & one-of a kind gemstones

We are a gemstone supplier for goldsmiths (in training) and jewellers. Are you looking for a unique piece to expand your stock or are you searching for a specific gemstone for a customer? Stop searching! We have a wide variety of gemstones in different shapes, sizes and cuttings.Β 

All our gemstones are high quality, handpicked, natural and one of a kind!Β 

We come to you!
Selecting the perfect gemstone for your collection cannot be done like online shopping for a new pair of shoes. Therefore we come for the appointment to your (work)shop where you can take all the time you need to see, feel and experience our collection without having to close your shop.

There is not a buying obligation during this appointment. We don’t make a difference whether you are an established brand in the market or a starting goldsmith. We are investing in a longterm relationship with our clientele, where trust and understanding is the base.

We are looking forward to meet you!

On this page you have seen in short what we have to offer. Let’s meet up for a cup of coffee or tea to see if we can collaborate. No strings attached ofcourse. We think that trust and mutual understanding are the base for a long term business relationship.