Our Services

Pick your beauty out of a large collection of unset gemstones

We work with and supply to goldsmiths and jewellers. We offer a variety of single pieces, ready to complete your piece of jewellery. 

Our gemstones are: 
√  Personally handpicked with care
√  All natural
√  Cut or cabuchon, destined for jewellery purposes
√  High quality and one-of-a-kind
√  Gemstones in different shapes, sizes and cuttings

Oorbellenset bestaande uit Imperial Jaspis en gefossilisseerd jaspis
Roosgeslepen toermalijn oorbellen set

Why choose for Naru's?

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner to supply natural gemstones? With many years of experience working in the jewellery and gemstone trade, we have the knowledge and equipment to find you nature’s best treasures. 

We come to visit you on your own location!
This way you don’t have to close your (work)shop to go for gemhunting.

Personal contact.
We like to keep the lines short, so we are easy accessible by phone, e-mail or whatsapp. If you are looking for one or multiple specific gemstone(s), let us know so we might be of help. 

Our core values are:

We aim for a longterm relationship, based on trust and personal contact. 

All our gemstones are handpicked by us, so we can garuantuee the quality.

We have a unique collection of gemstones. 

We work with natural gemstones and reliable suppliers with whom we work already for many years. Some connections are there even since two generations.

Rubilite tourmaline gemstone

About us

We aim to connect with our customers by investing in a long-term relationship and we are convinced that trust, openness and personal contact are key for this. Therefore we want you to meet the faces behind Naru’s and to share our story and mission.