The faces behind Naru's

About us Minou


FGA Certified Gemmologist (Gem-A Diploma course)

Born and raised in the south of The Netherlands

Learned the basic techniques of traditional jewellery making by Narayan’s family


HRD Certified Diamond Grader

Born and raised in Kathmandu (Nepal) and living in The Netherlands since 2014

Comes from a long family line of goldsmiths

About us Narayan

Why we love what we do?

“Collecting gemstones is our mutual passion and it gives us the opportunity to combine both our worlds” 

Our Story

In 2012 we met in Nepal during Minou’s backpack trip through Southeast Asia. At that moment Narayan was working as a jewellery entrepreneur. He comes from a long family line of traditional goldsmiths. The fine techniques were passed on from father to son for many generations. His grandfather was even the goldsmith for the King of Nepal since the early 50’s! With this background, working with precious metals and gemstones comes naturally for Narayan as he was born and raised with it.

Although Minou wasn’t born and raised with this craftsmanship, the fascination has been there since young age. Because of her interest to become a goldsmith, she visited the ‘Vakschool’ in Schoonhoven during her high school years. Eventually Minou chose another study and this dream went out of sight for many years.

After returning home from her backpack trip, Minou almost directly went back to Nepal on a one-way ticket. She had fallen in love with this beautiful country…. and Narayan! Here she reconnected with her passion for jewellery making and she had the opportunity to work as an apprentice in the family’s workplace to learn the basics of this traditional craftmanship. Her first lesson: make a long wire out of a 3 x 1 cm piece of silver with only a hammer, blow pipe and kerosene lamp. No machine or gas torch allowed, everything is handmade! It took three days and many bloody blisters on her fingers to finally get the hang of it!

In 2014 we decided to go back to the Netherlands to settle here. The first years we built up our lives to create a solid foundation and in 2017 we were even blessed with our son Milan. Still there was always the desire to start our own business, since we’ve been collecting gemstones for a very long time. The start of Naru’s gives us the opportunity to work together in this field and to chase our dreams!

Looking back at it, it’s funny to see how our paths crossed and how the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. As if it were meant to be?! 

So this is the story behind Naru’s in a nutshell. We like to hear your story as well!

Our Mission

Naru’s supplies unique and special gemstones to goldsmiths and jewellers. With Naru’s we can combine our mutual interest and passion for gemstones, jewellery and travelling. In the search for new gemstones, we try to get as close to the source as possible, for a fair trade at a fair price.

Our strength is that we complement each other; each of us has their own qualities. Narayan with his connections and background knowledge from Nepal and Minou with her marketing & sales background, persistence and creativity.

We aim to connect with our customers by investing in a long-term relationship, based on personal contact and trust. Therefore we visit our customers to give them the opportunity to view, feel and experience our collection of gemstones at ease, without having to close their workshop or studio.

We are looking forward to meet you in person!

Let’s meet up for a cup of coffee or tea! Now we’ve shared some of our story, we like to get to know you and hear your story as well. No strings attached ofcourse. From there we can see if we can collaborate. We think that trust and mutual understanding are the base for a long term business relationship.